About Us

About PT. Bintang Inti Raya

PT Bintang Inti Raya is a sourcing company of many employees with 12 million US$ turnover per year [2015]) in business since 2004 that does procurement of supplies for the Indonesian Navy and other maritime and government agencies.

We are sourcing all types of non-lethal Security, Police, Military and Navy equipments. We now have a stronger focus on Navy equipment.

What usually we do for our clients:

  • We introduce the client to the latest products on the international market.
  • We offer personalized solutions for the needs of their units
  • We customize their products if necessary
  • We take care of the import and customs-clearing process
  • We ensure the follow-up over the coming years for any additional needs
  • We make it easy for the clients to re-order at any time!
  • We also introduce them to all kind of new technologies from the international market, under the form of catalogs and intelligence reports.

We present the government agencies and the Navy with new solutions, services and products, so they can decide if they need it or not.

The products we have been supplying so far:

  • Security Equipment
  • Communication Systems
  • Oils & Supplies
  • Water/Power Generators
  • Marine and Navy Equipment



  • Supplying all branches of the Military forces and Police departments
  • Sourcing the most competitive products from the international market
  • Providing our clients with a technological edge


  • Providing our clients with a large choice of international products
  • Ensure competitive prices
  • Ensure a follow-up over the years for consumables and spare parts


  • Military and Police daily apparatus (Uniforms, Pads, Shoes)
  • Operational Apparatus (Helmets, Bulletproof Vests, Batons)
  • Pilot apparatus (Pilot Watches, Flying Suits, Helmets)
  • Firefighting and Rescue Equipment
  • Safety Inspection Equipment


  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Perimeter Security and CCTV Systems


  • Engine oils for airplanes
  • Paint for Boats and Navy Equipment
  • Cleaners and Other consumables


  • Air-to-Water Generators
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Systems
  • Solar-powered Energy Stations


  • Navy Life Vests
  • Marine Lifting Bags

B.I.R. Future Development

We are now looking to expand into autonomous power solutions (Solar + Wind power + Hydrogen storage) that will also enable us to sell all products that can be powered by such a central autonomous power unit, within an island environment.

We aim to provide the Navy and Government with a turnkey solution for our many islands (power generation + water + communication)

We are also looking at importing all-inclusive sea monitoring (the Navy is tasked with monitoring vast surfaces of fishing areas) and maritime surveillance systems, as well as harbor protection systems. This includes UUVs and AUVs (underwater unmanned systems) as well as air drones.